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ALEX DAILEY (August 26, 2022) – Clarion Review

“In the encouraging picture book Molly’s New Pony, Sir Wallace McGee, a pony’s hard work and courage help him to meet his goals with the assistance and support of others. In David Casentini’s colorful picture book Molly’s New Pony, Sir Wallace McGee, a young, insecure pony works to find his courage. At Molly’s eleventh birthday

Jacklyn Long, MFT – Mindful Child & Family Therapy Inc.

“This heartwarming story is imbued with meaning as well as rhythm and rhyme, making it a sincere joy to read. Molly’s New Pony, Sir Wallace McGee, is a good example of the power of embracing our own insecurities and taking risks as we feel the support of people who care about us. We all have

Khalid Birdsong – Author, Cartoonist and Art Editor

“The warm and unplifting message in this beautifully illustrated book encourages us to be the unique person we are and still pursue our dreams no matter the circumstances. Casentini’s words will be left your confidence and help you race in the direction of your goals. Both my daughter and I agree, Molly’s New Pony, Sir