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Beautifully Written. David did a wonderful job writing this book. I really enjoyed at the illustrations; they were so beautifully drawn. My younger daughter would love this book. Thank you!    


Fantastic book for kids! This is a fantastic book for kids to learn about the value of hard work, encouraging others, and not giving up on your dreams. I really liked Molly and Wallace’s friendship and bond. I also liked the colorful and well-drawn illustrations.    

Love Reading

Wonderful Children’s Book! A wonderful children’s book about a little girl named Molly that receives a pony and she names him Sir Wallace McGee. When the pony is unsure, she gives him love and positive reinforcement. He grows and succeeds. The author does a great job of setting the story in rhyme, which is hard

Bruce Eliashof

A sweet story of friendship and believing in yourself. Molly’s New Pony, Sir Wallace Mcgee is a sweet story about striving for your goals and believing in yourself. With Molly’s unconditional love and support Sir Wallace Mcgee dreams big and discovers the amazing feeling of self belief, hard work and trying your best. It is

Irene S.

Wonderful book, heartwarming with great messaging! I loved this book so much that I am ordering several copies to donate to school libraries. In our world we need stories to share with children that encourage finding strength from within as well as showing love and compassion to others. This book covers a lot, in a

K Gruener

An inspirational rhyme for all ages! Molly’s New Pony, Sir Wallace McGee is a lilting read bolstering the idea that a child builds self worth from within, and is not reliant on the perceptions of others. The story of a little girl and her insecure pony promotes the value of perseverance and loving support. It

Judy stanton

Fun to Read! I loved the world of Molly and her new pony Sir Wallace McGee. It was engaging as the story unfolded to reveal a challenging situation that children can relate to, met with love and support. Nothing better than a story children love with a teachable moment as well!    


Charming story to help kids build confidence. For any child who’s ever felt a bit different or sometimes just not as good as the rest, great book to remember self confidence and the importance of finding and following your own dreams.    

Amy Sullivan

Timeless words of wisdom! I wish someone would read this book to me, in my young age, whenever I felt insecure and in need of support. I gave a copy to my niece as a birthday present for her son, and it was a timely morale boost for the little guy.